IE vs. Firefox

This post originally appeared here. So I have a confession to make… I disapprove of Internet Epxlorer. For a long time all I used to browse the internet was IE (Internet Explorer) because I thought that was all there was. But when I discovered FF (Firefox), maybe 3 years ago, I made the switch and never looked back. As good web developers, designers should keep both browsers in mind when creating online content. As an example of Internet Explorer’s failings I thought I’d give you glimpse of the difference between browsers. Below is an example of the Imagivation top site. Every once in a ...

ARC Blogs

The Austin Rhetoric Club (ARC) was founded in the Fall of 2004 with the goal of teaching Austin homeschool youth the art of communication and debate. ARC Blogs was created as a one-stop gathering for ARC students to their memories from tournaments and events. The project had to be robust enough to support multiple users, but simple enough that a 12-year-old could update it.
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